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APHSA National Health and Human Services Summit

Date & time

April 30–May 3, 2017


Baltimore, MD

Our belief is that the time is ripe for significant leaps forward in creating a modern, responsive health and human services system that leads to stronger, healthier families and communities. APHSA is proud to announce a new partnership with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities specifically designed to advance solutions within and across the public, social serving, and for-profit sectors to improve outcomes for individuals, families, and communities. The 2017 APHSA National Health and Human Services Summit will serve as the official launch of this transformative partnership.

‚Äč2017 brings a new administration and Congress and the need to form new relationships with national policymakers who can help shape a modern human-serving system. H/HS leaders are discarding the old way of doing business in favor of new approaches that are innovative, efficient, effective, and responsive to the needs and demands of a dynamic and rapidly changing society. We are rejecting one-size fits all programming in favor of outcome-focused services informed by population-based data, whole family approaches, and advances in brain and behavioral sciences. We are shifting from a reactive and crisis-oriented services delivery model to one that focuses “upstream” and better enables all of us to live to our full potential and to more effectively identify and address root causes when we do encounter roadblocks along the way.

The conversations and sessions at the Summit will provide a robust platform to fully engage all sectors of health and human services, including our private partners and thought leaders in the field.

At the APHSA National HHS Summit you will be able to:

  • Participate in series of workshops and sessions that will encompass a diverse set of topics ranging from policy to research to state and local initiatives;
  • Engage in valuable discussions around innovation and transformation;
  • Have access to a wide range of networking opportunities;
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge base; and,
  • Meet industry leading experts and connect with your peers

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*Event not hosted by NHSA.