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Strong Advocacy and Communications in a Partisan Environment

Date & time

May 9, 2017

1:30 PM–3:00 PM


NHSA Office, Washington D.C.


We know the human service sector must remain a strong advocate to ensure that everyone has access to the supports that promote and build well-being. The increasingly politicized environment has  raised questions within the sector and within our organizations about the best approach for striking a balance between “across-the-board opposition to” and a “willingness for dialogue with” the Administration and Congress. We know that many National Assembly members are engaged in similar conversations, and we also understand that there is a need to address the problem through both a policy and a communications lens.

On Tuesday, May 9, we will discuss these issues at a special joint session of the Washington Policy Council and Marketing & Communications Peer Council. We are extremely pleased to announce that Nancy LeaMond, Executive Vice President and Chief Advocacy & Engagement Officer at AARP, will join us to discuss AARP’s decision to oppose the health care repeal bill from last month and how nonpartisan organizations can address tensions between strong advocacy, of a partisan nature, weighed against the risks of alienating select audiences.

The remainder of the meeting will allow for discussion about the challenges your organizations have faced and the approaches used to work through these issues. We highly encourage you to bring your policy or communications counterpart within your organization to facilitate a robust discussion and peer learning environment.

We are also excited to note that our discussion will be the starting point for a larger convening this fall where we will begin identifying which strategies are proving most successful for navigating growing ideological divides.


This event is a joint meeting of NHSA's Washington Policy Council and Marketing & Communications Peer Council.