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PurchasingPoint Saving nonprofits money for mission




This discount program is provided through membership in a group purchasing cooperative called AdvantageTrust, a division of HealthTrust Purchasing Group, and is available to National Assembly members and their affiliates. Discounts in the PurchasingPoint® program are based on $28.5 billion in annual purchasing by some of the nation's largest nonprofits. As a result, the program provides access to a level of pricing typically reserved for Fortune 100 companies. Savings, which average 33% annually, can be redirected from nonprofit overhead spending and into the hands of mission-related programs.

PurchasingPoint® is part of National Assembly Business Services, Inc., a wholly-owned and operated subsidiary of the National Human Services Assembly.


2016 Program Highlights


The National Assembly discount program is one of the most robust programs of its kind in the country. As a board member of the National Assembly I see firsthand just how many nonprofits are being helped by this program, enabling them to spend more money on mission and less on overhead.

-- Joe Haggerty, Former COO, United Way Worldwide

PurchasingPoint® does a great job of negotiating volume based relationships with major supplier organizations, which allows member non-profit organizations the ability to realize savings normally associated to large corporate entities. Personally, with my previous experience as the Strategic Sourcing Officer at a large regional banking entity, the negotiated savings that PurchasingPoint® has achieved compares favorably, and in some cases, better than what many corporate/vendor negotiations can achieve. I would recommend that all eligible organizations take advantage of the savings that PurchasingPoint® is making available.

-- Michael Davis, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska

In addition to money, PurchasingPoint® saves me time. I know that the prices I see are at least as good as what I might find by checking other vendors to see who has the best price.

-- Rick Solomon, Hesperian Health Guides

Sample Program Participants