sector history

History of the National Assembly...of the Sector

This section of the National Human Services Assembly site includes a brief history of the National Assembly itself and then cites four resources for those who want to take a deeper dive into the history of social welfare and some of its leading founders in the U.S.

NHSA History

The National Assembly was formed by leaders of social service agencies in the early 1920s to discuss and address common concerns. This link will lead you to a detailed overview of the Assembly’s 90+ year history.

Human Spirit Initiative

Human Spirit Initiative Website

HSI, created by Kay Horsch and developed by a crew of mostly volunteers, tells the stories of social entrepreneurs of the past century—the people who founded the movements that have become a part of the fabric of American society. HSI is now a part of the National Human Services Assembly. Visit the HSI Website.

Social Welfare History Project

Social Welfare History Project Website

Jack Hansen has assembled information from far and wide about the development of social welfare in America. Visit the site.

Social Welfare Archives

Social Welfare Archives Website

The libraries at the University of Minnesota holds the archives of the National Assembly, YMCA, National Urban League and many other social welfare organizations. Visit the archives.

Extra Mile Pathway

Extra Mile Pathway Website

The Extra Mile Pathway is a memorial in Washington DC that recognizes people who have led important social movements in the U.S. The online site has information on the honorees.